Four Little Birds as we call it!

Four Little Birds as we call it!

Taking a vacation is easy. Planning the itinerary, figuring out the group and the activities and the places to visit and things to do takes its toll. How about coming up with an activity or adventure in mind and following that to a place that might show up on the GPS. But the person you meet there, may not have being on your radar for a long, long time.

FLB Resorts, is an initiative to bring you closer to people you claim to be your near and dear ones, discovering something you never knew about them. How many of us really know our ageing parents that well anymore! We are so busy discovering our kids that everyone else takes a backseat. So this time, consider meeting someone your think you have known for long, and yet you know you don’t know them well enough.



Mashobra Hike

Camel Cart Ride

Kite Flying

Bird Watching

Big World

It's a big world out there

FLB Resorts or Four Little Birds; as we fondly call it; is not an initiative. It is an ideological move to take this flight of aspirations, and land it on a field of experiences. Offbeat. Unconventional. Family-oriented destination that offer the quiet you seek, the break away from chaos. The only undulations you experience would be the activity breaks you would take from peace to piece together exciting moments with your family.

Four Little Birds is India’s finest resort chain that offers you destinations interspersed with the sweet chirping of birds, where the only time keepers are the sunrise and the sunset. They say, birds of the same feather flock together.

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